Garage Cabinets & Storage Solutions

The garage is generally the most under-utilized space in the home. As an extension of the home, it often becomes a dumping ground for everything that doesn’t fit in the house. That’s why having a plan for your garage storage is huge for organizing the entire home. When the holidays roll around and the sports seasons change, your home is ready no matter what time of the year.

A Tailored Living garage organization specialist will help you maximize your garage storage space with storage and organization solutions tailored to your family���s activities. You’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it and wonder how you ever overlooked this valuable, extra garage storage space. A combination of garage cabinets, shelves, wall storage racks and overhead storage will free up enough garage floor space so that you can actually park inside the garage! How’s that for making life easier? No more running from the car to the front door in the rain, snow or heavy winds. You can finally say goodbye to unloading groceries in nasty weather.

PremierGarage® Cabinets

Custom garage cabinets instantly restore order by organizing everything in your garage.

Overhead Storage Racks

Multiply garage storage capability by capturing overlooked ceiling space with secure overhead storage racks.

Wall Storage

Convert unused wall space to versatile storage with adaptable wall hanging systems.

Shelving / Countertops

Enhance garage cabinet storage with shelves and countertops to maximize your garage’s functionality.


Effortless overhead storage at the palm of your hand, saving your back and freeing up valuable floor space.

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The Guide To Organizing Your Whole Home

Whether you need help with closet organization, garage storage and flooring, or the laundry room, our Design Guide can inspire you with storage and organization solutions for any area of your home. Every solution is customized to fit your space and your needs. Our professionals measure, design, and install so all you have to do is enjoy the result!

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