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Expand your storage by using available wall space.

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Efficient Storage Solutions Where Cabinets Won't Work

Vertical wall storage is ideal for sports equipment and large tools like rakes, shovels and hoses that create a safety hazard if stacked on the floor. Slatwall racks can organize both yard and hand tools. Trowels, soil scoops, pruning shears and watering cans will store easily on racks above a countertop work surface, keeping them close at hand. Larger yard tools like rakes, shovels, hoes, edgers and hoses can be safely stored on specialty hooks designed for heavy items. If your family is into sports, Slatwall wall storage systems can keep everything sports related up on hooks and in baskets instead of piled on the floor. Even little ones can use low-level shelves, baskets and hooks to stow their own gear. No more sports equipment randomly abandoned around the house, and when it’s game time, everything is easy to find. Accessory baskets and shelves hold smaller items such as balls, helmets and shoes.

  • Consolidate tools and equipment into use or seasonal categories, for example, store all gardening tools and implements in one area.
  • Keep the kids’ sporting equipment separate and reachable by having low-level hooks and baskets so they can easily get what they need at game time (and then put it away when they get home).
  • Place a customizable rack over the workbench so all your tools are within reach. No more searching for needle-nose pliers or your favorite hammer; they’re right where you left them.
  • Where cabinets are too bulky, Slatwall can create narrow-space storage solutions.
  • Specialty hooks can safely store larger items like golf bags, skis, skateboards, and bikes.
  • Attachable baskets, hooks, and shelves can be rearranged as needed to accommodate storage requirement changes.
  • Slatwall’s versatility provides storage for large and small items, controlling clutter and clearing floor space.

Vertical Wall Storage

Our vertical wall storage system can be customized to fit into practically any space. Slatwall can be added to unused wall space to create new storage options and reduce the need to store items on the floor. Slatwall comes in many colors to coordinate with your garage's color scheme. And with a wide array of accessories, Slatwall can accommodate anything you need to hang. Attachable baskets, hooks, and shelving allow for storage of items so everything is in full view and out of the way. Do a whole wall or as a backdrop to a workbench for your favorite tools? The options are almost limitless. 

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Flame retardant rating of 94 V-O
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • 6 colors available
  • 100 lbs./sq. ft. weight capacity
  • W x L: 12" x 8"

Garage Organization, Tailored Your Way

  • Garage Cabinets

    Maximize your garage storage space with our custom storage and organization solutions tailored to your family’s activities.

  • Garage Shelving and Countertops

    Shelves and countertops will provide additional storage and workspace for hobbies and add functionality to your garage.

  • Automated Garage Lifts

    Automated overhead garage storage and organization solutions help to reduce clutter and maximize floor space.

  • Overhead Garage Storage

    Take advantage of unused garage space and store seldom-used items higher up and leave the easiest-to-reach space for everyday storage needs.


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