Celebrity-Class Custom Garage Flooring For Every Taste And Budget

Believe it or not, your very own garage can give you a taste of the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Jerry Seinfeld is a big garage and car guy and keeps his collection of 150 cars in a climate-controlled, subterranean garage. His garage includes living space with a club room, billiard table, kitchenette, bathroom, and office. While you may not be able to fit all that in your garage, you can certainly have a star-quality, custom garage floor from Tailored Living®!

Flooring style options for everyone

All the Tailored Living custom garage flooring solutions are industry-tough and adaptable to any situation from a one-car garage to a car museum. Two basic types of flooring include epoxy floor coatings and flexible floor tiles. Within those types are many styles and colors to choose so you end up with the garage floor you want:

  • Need a quick, one-day makeover?
  • Is moisture a problem with your garage?
  • Looking for a permanent solution for your garage?
  • Want an original, outrageous design?
  • How about a marble- or metallic-look finish?
  • Are mix-and-match tiles more your style?

With Tailored Living, you’re assured of getting the right floor for your specific needs, budget, and style preferences.

Premium PremierOne® epoxy floor coatings

PremierOne commercial-grade floor coatings protect and beautify with a permanent, seamless finish that is twice as hard as most other epoxy finishes. Installation of an epoxy floor usually takes two to three days, depending on the style and garage size. Then, with 24 to 36 hours of curing time, your garage is back in service. As the most technically-advanced floor coatings in the industry, you’ll enjoy many benefits from your new garage floor:

  • There’s never any peeling, discoloration or cloudy finish.
  • Nothing sticks to the continuous, non-porous surface so clean up is a breeze.
  • Resists chemicals commonly found in garages, like gasoline, auto fluids and paint thinner.
  • Extremely durable, resists chipping, color fading or stains.
  • Withstands heat, cold, and wet or dry weather conditions.

Five distinctive styles from seamless solid colors to decorative chips to artisan-look metallic finishes ensure there’s something to please everyone. Each style offers standard color choices with the option of custom-mixing colors for a unique blend.

PremierOne® Decorative Texture: 18 standard decorative chip patterns in large (1/4”) or small (1/8”) chips, giving a slightly textured surface to the floor.

PremierOne® Solids: a seamless, solid-color floor coating in six standard colors from Light Dove to Deep Shadow to work with any home’s color scheme.

PremierOne® Stone: the look of high-end granite with 1/4” chips that imitate real stone in appearance and true-to-nature colors.

PremierOne® Elements: a crystalline shine from genuine shaved rock fragments containing mica, creating an organic metallic luster with brilliant sheen and deep, intense color.

PremierOne® Stratus: designs are created as applied, swirling together a blend of natural mica particles and pearlescent pigments for the look of molten metal in a three-dimensional abstract pattern.

Personalize your custom epoxy floor

As beautiful as all our epoxy floor coatings are, there are times when a little bit more is needed. In addition to custom colors and blends, you can add logos or images to take your garage floor to the next level of personalization. You can create a statement garage floor like no other! This Elements floor is enhanced with the Oklahoma State University logo making this garage the perfect spot for a Man Cave to watch all the games.

Versatile flexible garage floor tiles

PremierTrax garage floor tiles create an equally durable floor but a totally different look with open-weave tiles that securely interlock so there’s no shifting or lifting. Their unique open-weave design creates a slip-resistant surface and the eight-percent rubber in a polypropylene construction makes the tiles ergonomically-friendly for knees and backs. Spills pass right through and can be hosed away for quick and easy maintenance giving more time for enjoying hobbies, polishing the cars, working out, or whatever else you like to do in your garage.

Tiles come in seven hardwood grains and 18 trendy colors from neutral shades to bright primary colors so you can get creative. Match a favorite car, bust out your alma mater’s colors, or create a unique pattern to define parking stalls or other-use spaces like a laundry “room” or a play area for the kids. Benefits of a PremierTrax garage floor include:

  • Less dirt gets tracked inside the house
  • Tiles resist stains, cracking, fading and peeling
  • Withstands weather extremes, hot or cold, wet or dry
  • Industry-tough to easily handle cars, bikes, trucks, skateboards, and motorcycles

Take note: PremierTrax is so nice it was the garage floor of choice for the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, for both their Las Vegas home and Drew’s honeymoon home in Los Angeles last year.

Custom garage flooring is not a luxury

Custom garage flooring is not a luxury just for celebrities. A custom garage floor from Tailored Living will certainly look luxurious, but it’s actually a first step to transforming your garage into functional living space instead of serving as just parking and random storage. A new floor will make the garage safer, cleaner, and exceptionally user-friendly. And if you feel like a celebrity, that’s just a bonus.

Make your garage work better for you by optimizing space beautifully with garage storage cabinets and a custom garage floor

Once your garage floor is in place, you can maximize the entire garage with custom garage cabinets, a Slatwall hanging system, and overhead storage racks, including motorized lift systems for the ultimate garage experience:

  • Garage storage cabinets with adjustable shelves safely store all your belongings, hiding the clutter and keeping you garage tidy.
  • Motorized lift systems take the pain out of overhead storage by doing the heavy lifting for you.
  • Slatwall panels convert wall space to efficient storage.
  • Probably the last garage floor you’ll ever need!

Let Tailored Living help turn your garage into your “rich and famous” moment by creating a statement garage with a custom garage floor design that is truly you. Start with a new floor and then work up to create the garage of your dreams. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Our whole home organization specialists can bring star quality to other areas of your home with closet storage systems, laundry room organization, custom pantry storage, and home office design—wherever clutter is a problem.

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