Clear Out Your Worst Clutter Hot Spots Before the Holidays

Can you believe it’s already October? That means the frenzied and fabulous holiday season is literally days away, beginning with Halloween on October 31. Then comes Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa and the New Year. Now is a good time to start thinking about ways to make your holiday entertaining easier and more fun by clearing away the worst clutter hot spots in your home.

  • Garage
  • Pantry and kitchen
  • Entryway

Tailored Living® can help you get control of your spaces before more people, more activities, and more presents descend upon your home. You’ll be able to welcome the holidays with a smile, and a calm spirit that will impress even your mother-in-law!

Get control of your garage

Most garages are of a size that they should contribute greatly to organized living. But if you’ve never made garage storage a priority, you might still be piling and stacking, with the disastrous result of a cluttered and frustrating garage. Before you can organize, you must first clear the clutter.

  • Get rid of old sports equipment no one uses anymore.
  • Broken furniture or appliances you’ve meant to fix, but didn’t, should be discarded.
  • Consolidate tools and get rid of duplicates or extras for both gardening and handyman tasks.
  • If you store winterwear in the garage, sort and discard what no longer fits or is worn out.
  • Throw away old paint cans, expired cleaners, insecticides, car wax, anti-freeze, and fertilizers.
  • Get airtight bins for storing bags of pet food, potting soil, mulch, rock salt and other items that can spill and make a mess.
  • Downsize your holiday decorations collection if you have enough for the whole neighborhood.

Now that you’ve pared down to only what you need to store, floor-to-ceiling garage storage cabinets are the best defense against garage clutter ever taking over again. Customized to fit around doors, windows, and appliances, storage space is maximized, and floor space is miraculously freed up so you can park the cars and have some breathing room. Additional storage options include:

  • Wall organizer systems such as Slatwall panels that can be customized to fit any space, from an entire wall to awkward corners with attachable shelves, baskets, and specialty hooks.
  • Durable, all-steel-construction overhead storage racks can revolutionize your garage by capturing overhead space for storing out-of-season and large or bulky items.

Tame kitchen and pantry chaos

Kitchens and pantries are daily-use areas that tend to accumulate things when you’re not looking. All of a sudden, it seems the spaces are out of control. Drawers are overflowing, cabinets won’t close, and the pantry is too full to put away the groceries. Just making a list of common excesses in kitchens and pantries will give you a starting point for decluttering.

  • Plastic storage containers can multiply to fill cabinets and shelves (no lid—no keep).
  • Snack bags with just a handful of chips or pretzels left, crowd to the back of the pantry.
  • Half-empty cereal boxes line up like soldiers claiming territory.
  • Expired foods hide among fresh cans and boxes and claim valuable space.
  • Kitchen towels refuse to be retired even when they are stained or torn, they are happy to live alongside the new ones.
  • Specialty pans, appliances and baking toys you never use line your counters and collect dust.
  • Sports bottles of every size and shape contribute to the clutter in the name of good health.
  • Packets of ketchup, taco sauce, parmesan cheese, and hot chilies collect in a kitchen drawer.

Addressing each of the above would go a long way to reducing the clutter and restoring order. Go cabinet by cabinet and drawer by drawer, getting rid of anything you don’t need or use. Then you’ll have a kitchen that is a joy to work in and a pantry that helps with preparing holiday dishes and treats for your family and friends by having the right ingredients you need at your fingertips.

  • Turn an empty corner into a small pantry or convert a closet into a pantry
  • The space around a kitchen window can be customized with decorative shelves or cabinets for efficient storage.
  • Make your existing pantry more functional for the way you live with adjustable shelves, pullout baskets or bins, and specialty wine or spice racks.

Unclog the entryway

Most people deposit something immediately when they come through the door. They may kick off their shoes, drop a purse or briefcase, place an umbrella in the corner, and peel off a coat. Unless your entryway is ready for the onslaught of discards from your family, it can get messy very quickly. With holiday guests arriving, you’ll want your home to make a good impression and a cluttered entryway won’t accomplish that. Take steps now to eliminate this clutter hot spot with a custom storage solution to reduce stress and conquer an out-of-control entryway.

  • Decorative hooks capture valuable vertical space for lots of coats, hats, and scarves.
  • Low hooks, cubbies, and drawers mean the kids can easily manage their own possessions.
  • If sports equipment clutters your entryway, enclosed cabinets can hide larger items like rackets, hockey sticks, and bats, with drawers for helmets, mitts, and balls.
  • A basket or drawer for leashes, sweaters, doggie treats, and disposal bags will keep everything handy for walking the dog.
  • A bench can be incorporated into the entryway design to provide seating or storage with a lid that opens.

Create a plan to declutter and be ruthless.  Have a garage sale or fill donation boxes to take to your favorite charity or thrift store. They will be delighted to receive the items and you’ll be happy with a cleaner home. Get a jump on the hustle and bustle of the holidays and get your calm on. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. By decluttering and clearing the hot spots now, you’ll have a more stress-free holiday season, with time to enjoy family and friends. We are whole home storage and organization specialists who can also help with custom closets, home offices, Murphy Beds, entertainment centers, laundry rooms, garages, custom garage flooring and more.