Custom Garage Cabinets to Tame and Organize Your Garage

Spring has sprung and, with it, the universal urge for a fresh, new start. Houses, cars, closets, store rooms and garages become the focus of getting organized, and “spring cleaning” is in full swing.

Spring also brings the phenomenon of Daylight Saving Time (March 13), the clever way of moving one hour of daylight from the morning to the evening and ruining everyone’s sleep for about two weeks until they can adjust. This generally unpopular event does, however, give one more precious hour of daylight after work or school in order to enjoy such pursuits as:

  • Gardening
  • Walking the dog
  • Barbequing
  • Waxing the car
  • Outside play for kids and adults

Daylight Saving Time also means that you need to locate all the fair-weather family toys, including skateboards, bikes, basketballs, lawn games and gardening tools, along with all the requisite helmets, bats, knee pads, etc. A garage storage system from Tailored Living® would ensure that you’ll be able to find exactly what you need when you need it.

Garage cabinets are key to organization

A garage should be treated with the same consideration as storage and organizational systems inside the house. Custom closets and pantries as well as laundry room and home office designs are popular for making a home highly functional, yet the garage is often overlooked. And a garage left to its own devices can quickly become one big, messy room!

Garage cabinets are the first line of defense against a messy garage. Utilizing versatile floor-to-ceiling cabinets with adjustable shelves presents a uniform look to your garage while providing an amazing amount of storage space that gets everything up off the floor, hiding clutter behind closed doors and making your garage safe from tripping hazards. Each of the following garages shows a different configuration of cabinets to uniquely fit the available space. No matter your garage’s size or what you have to store, custom garage cabinets will set the stage for ultimate organization.

  • A combination of overhead cabinets and floor-to-ceiling custom cabinets in Thermofoil Gloss Red will keep this garage neat and free of clutter. Slatwall panels capture that awkward corner for additional storage, and the Decorative Chip PremierOne® floor coating is the perfect finishing touch.

  • Maximum use of space around doors and windows includes full-size cabinets, a workbench, open shelves and heavy-duty overhead storage racks for bulky or seldom-used items. The coordinating colors on the garage cabinets and the PremierOne garage floor coating give an upscale look to this garage.
  • This pristine white laminate garage is clean enough for a party! Custom cabinets capture all vertical storage space, leaving plenty of room to park cars or set up a home gym, Man Cave or craft center.

Unlike one-size-fits-all shelving systems, custom garage cabinets from Tailored Living are designed to work around water heaters, electrical panels, sloping ceilings, uneven floors, windows, doors and any other challenges to maximize your garage’s effectiveness. They can be especially helpful if you have a small garage and space is at a premium.

  • Custom garage cabinets come in a variety of colors in laminates, real wood stains, powder-coated and Thermofoil finishes
  • Cabinets integrate with open shelves, custom countertops and drawers with soft-close hinges
  • Optional locking doors and drawers provide security for valuable tools and keepsakes, or keep toxic products like paint thinner and weed killer safety stored
  • Constructed with moisture-resistant panels, cabinets are guaranteed not to peel at the edges, whether a laminate finish, wood veneer or Italia glazed finish

Ultimate efficiency:  garage cabinets, accessories and custom garage flooring

Along with garage cabinets, Tailored Living offers adjustable wall organization systems. All-steel Gridwall Racks or Slatwall PVC panels in a range of colors can turn any wall space into highly-functional storage space, even if it’s just a few feet in a corner, as in the picture above. When the depth of cabinets prohibits their use, wall storage systems are especially useful because, as the name implies, wall systems hug the wall! With attachable specialty hooks, baskets and shelves you can configure your space for exactly what you need to store, including sports equipment and gardening tools.

The final efficiency in a well-planned garage is custom garage flooring, adding value, beauty and utility to your home. Tailored Living’s PremierOne garage floors are easy-care, industrial-strength floors that can handle whatever your garage can dish out!

Wall storage systems are ideal for storing anything from hand tools to surfboards, with specialty hooks and other attachments to ensure safekeeping and easy accessibility of all your possessions. Install over a workbench or create an entire wall of hanging storage

  • PremierOne’s hybrid polymer garage floor coatings come in five different styles, Decorative Chip, Solids, Stone, Elements and Stratus. Each style delivers a floor that is twice as hard as other epoxy finishes, with a smooth, non-porous surface that resists dirt, bacteria and liquids.
  • Premier Trax interlocking floor tiles are practically indestructible, and with 15 colors to choose from, designing a truly custom floor is a breeze.

With longer days ahead, now is the time to get your garage fully-functional and family-friendly so no one will lose play time searching through a messy garage. Call 866-712-3404, to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation. Scroll through our online Design Solutions Guide for the latest in organization and storage tips for your home and garage.