Declare Your Independence From A Messy Garage

In both the U.S. and Canada, July is independence month. July 1 is Canada Day, celebrating the three colonies becoming Canada, and the Fourth of July marks the beginning of independence for the new United States. Freedom and independence are cherished and celebrated the whole month with flags flying, parades, speeches, get-togethers of all kinds, wearing flag apparel, and those glorious fireworks!

Tailored Living® wishes you a great Independence Day and Canada Day, celebrating independence and our freedoms of all kinds to live as you choose:

  • Live where you want
  • Work at a job you choose
  • Worship as you believe
  • Live in a clutter-free home

Okay, that last one is not an inalienable right, but you do have the power to declare your independence from a cluttered home, and Tailored Living can help with innovative storage and organization solutions for every room in the house, including the garage.

Have the garage you really want

If clutter has overtaken your life and home, the garage will probably be the greatest offender of all. Garages are notorious for becoming a dumping ground for whatever doesn’t have its own place in the house and can become more of a problem than a help. A big, empty space is hard to envision as efficient storage and makeshift attempts like stacking boxes and leaning tools in corners only create chaos and inefficiency. There is a much better way to utilize all that glorious garage space and de-clutter the garage, and that’s with custom garage storage cabinets, work countertops, wall hanging storage, and overhead storage. Your garage can become a contributing member of the family with organized storage and room to breathe.

Tidy up the tools

Tools and all the trappings for home and auto maintenance can create a cluttered, disorganized mess. From tiny screws and nails to hand tools and big power tools you need more than bins or boxes to put them in. Plus, there’s the additional safety factor of tools lying around. They can become a tripping hazard or a danger if they fall into the wrong hands, like curious little people. Custom garage storage cabinets with personalized garage accessories can safely store and organize all your tools and make day-to-day maintenance a whole lot easier.

  • A system of enclosed cabinets will capture vertical storage space to maximize your garage.
  • Integrated countertops create comfortable workspace for every task.
  • Adjustable shelves within the cabinets let you store large or small items, conserving space.
  • Drawers with dividers can organize smaller tools and loose pieces.
  • Slatwall panels over the workspace keep most-used tools easily accessible, and Slatwall on the wall can hold large tools.
  • Optional locking doors and drawers keep toxic products like paint, glue, and auto fluids as well as dangerous tools securely stored.
  • Organize cabinets by use: automotive, paint supplies, handyman tools, etc.

Hide the hoard of stuff

Garages are generally big enough to hold everything under the sun, and that is also their downfall. From broken items you really do intend to repair to items you no longer need but can’t seem to part with, a garage can quickly become unmanageable for both finding and storing things. Stacked boxes on the floor can only go so high before toppling over, and it’s so annoying to want what is in the bottom box. A custom garage storage design will take into consideration all the space you have (going up!), exactly what you need to store, and what you want from your garage (storage, park the cars, additional living space).

  • Cabinets can be configured around windows, doors, electrical panels and appliances to capture all usable space.
  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets create enough storage space for all your stuff, including keepsakes, seasonal decorations, camping equipment, and craft and hobby essentials.
  • Floor space is cleared so you can park your vehicles or create a game room, man cave, or home gym.
  • A custom epoxy PremierOne® garage floor or a PremierTrax® interlocking tiles garage floor beautifies and protects, making your garage safe for any activity.
  • Wall storage with Slatwall panels creates big storage for small spaces or secure storage for large items with specialty hooks. (#nofallingtools)
  • Optional overhead storage racks can provide even more storage for seldom used or bulky items, with stationary racks or automated lifters and platforms.

Simplify sports equipment storage

There’s no arguing that sports equipment can take up lots of space and be a challenge to contain. Between balls, bats, mitts, headgear, shoes, rackets, skis, bikes, skateboards, golf bags … it’s no wonder the average garage is cluttered! Especially if kids are responsible to put their own equipment away. Unless it’s easy, it probably won’t go beyond dropping to the floor or piling in the corner. Organized storage for everything sports will change your life from chaos to calm and you’ll never be late for another game, hunting for the right gear.

  • Any sport can be accommodated with appropriate storage with cabinets and wall storage incorporating specialty hooks for such as bikes, golf bags, and skis.
  • Cabinets with adjustable shelves can hold large and small items, and kids can reach to put things away.
  • Give each family member a cabinet or shelf for their own use, or designate space per sport—baseball, tennis, hockey, basketball, or soccer.
  • Slatwall panels have specialty hooks, attachable shelves, and baskets to safely hold sports accessories.
  • Cabinets will keep all the equipment hidden from sight, so the garage stays clean and neat.
  • An automated multi-bike lifter can store all the family’s bikes at ceiling level, so floor space is freed up and the bikes are available at the touch of a button.

You’ll definitely love the freedom of an organized garage! Tailored Living can help you design garage storage that will let you live clutter-free. A wide range of available cabinet colors, finishes, and styles as well as custom cabinet hardware let you match your home’s décor or create a unique space. Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home consultation. We can also help with clutter-free living throughout the whole house with closet storage systems, laundry rooms, pantries, entryways, home offices and more.