Design a Mudroom or Entryway to Take the Bite Out of Winter

Entryways and mudrooms serve two major functions, points of entry and pick-up/drop-off areas. As a point of entry, you want them to be inviting for family and friends and make a positive impression of your home. As a pick-up/drop-off area, they need to be “full service” for your family, assisting with organized comings and goings. Such busy portals can get messy in general, and then you factor in bad winter weather and it’s easy to see how they might become the least favorite spots in the house.

Tailored Living® can help you tame your entryway or mudroom and take the bite out of winter with customizations tailored to your family’s needs. You can win the battle against the ravages of winter, including wet boots and shoes, soggy gloves and scarves, and dripping coats and hats.

Design with your family in mind

Not every family has the same requirements for a mudroom. The number of people, schedules and activities, pets in the home and available space will impact mudroom or entryway design. Essentially, you need sufficient room for everyone to be able to remove hats, coats, gloves and whatever when they get home and put everything safely away. How nice it would be not to find these things scattered all around the house!

  • School items like backpacks, books and projects
  • Work elements like laptops, briefcases or portfolios
  • Sports equipment of all kinds
  • Umbrellas, shopping bags and purses
  • Sunglasses, charger cords and coffee mugs
  • Pet leashes, sweaters, booties and waste bags

Tailored Living’s custom entryway designs combine enclosed cabinets, open shelves, benches, drawers and decorative hooks in innovative ways to create beautiful, functional storage that will meet the unique needs of your family. From a small entryway to a full mudroom or mudroom/laundry room our designers can maximize your space to control the clutter and make life more stress free.

Consider the features of this entryway design, with ample space and functionality for multiple family members to maintain control of all their individual belongings. Imagine the impact this could have in your own home for keeping everyone organized.

  • A bench to deposit shopping bags, purse, books or laptop while removing wet boots or shoes.
  • Under-bench storage space can keep shoes out of the way.
  • Drawers are ideal for kids to quickly and easily stow their school gear so nothing gets lost.
  • Individual hooks keep jackets, hats or backpacks organized.
  • Enclosed cabinets can hide sports equipment to keep the area neat and clean.
  • Shelves can hold baskets or bins to collect small items.
  • A special pet bin for leashes, sweaters, treats, disposal bags and drying towels will make walking the dog a cleaner prospect.


Add extras to combat the weather

Winter may not always bring freezing temperatures with snow and slush, but these are not the only challenges of wintertime. Storms, rain and mud can be a nightmare for your home if every entrance--front door, back door and garage--brings wet feet through the door. Even with a custom entryway that keeps everyone organized, the dampness of winter requires some extra special care. You want to be sure that everything dries out properly because piling wet things together can result in mildew, ruining favorite coats and accessories. Add elements to your mudroom that will give additional help when the weather is especially cold and damp.

  • Have an outside mat at every door to wipe feet before entering.
  • Rugs or hall runners immediately inside the door will protect against a slippery floor and prevent dirt from getting tracked into the house.
  • Add extra racks or boot trays to give wet shoes and boots space to dry.
  • Place rugs or mats underneath any drying racks to absorb any drips.

  • Wet coats and jackets should be only one-on-a-hook to dry completely between wearings.
  • Add additional hooks in the mudroom, especially at child level, so the kids can always reach to hang their wet coats.
  • Add a standing coat rack for additional hanging space so wet items don’t get layered.
  • Scarves, hats and gloves also need room to dry, so special racks or hangers will keep them separated.
  • Baskets or umbrella stands will let umbrellas dry without puddling on the floor.

The garage mudroom

Home entry through the garage can be especially challenging. Installing a custom garage mudroom by the connecting door or as part of an overall garage storage design will increase the efficiency of your garage and eliminate all sorts of things being brought into the house. With hooks and storage in the garage for wet outerwear, muddy sports equipment, and bags and backpacks, your home can stay cleaner all winter long.

Don’t let the weather challenges of winter cause havoc in your home. Tailored Living can help you design the perfect entryway or mudroom for your family’s needs so everyone stays safe and dry!  As whole home organization specialists, we can also help with innovative storage solutions for custom closet storage systems, home office design, laundry rooms, garage storage, custom garage flooring, and more. With Tailored Living you always get:

  • Unlimited customization
  • Free in-home consultation
  • Real time, 3D design of your space
  • Professional measuring and installation
  • Exceptional customer service

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