Garage Ideas to Create the Perfect “Girl Garage”

Yes, you read correctly…a Girl Garage. With a sizable percentage of households in the U.S. headed by women, it stands to reason that their garages should be Girl Garages! To discount all that lovely space because it’s historically been the realm of the male is very short-sighted. Instead of relegating a man-less garage to just the car, trash cans and maybe the washer and dryer, some creative garage organization ideas and garage accessories from Tailored Living® can help you turn your garage into wonderfully usable living space…with a woman’s touch.

A Girl Garage should be inviting

Oftentimes, a garage has an ugly concrete floor with unfinished beams and walls. This creates the overall impression of abandoned space, inhabitable only by cardboard storage boxes, dust and spiders; definitely not girl territory. So before you can even begin to envision that space as an extension of your home, you may have to do some cosmetic improvements.

  • Clean it out thoroughly, dusting and vacuuming walls, floors and ceiling.
  • If the walls are unfinished bare concrete or drywall, paint them a light color (or colors) to brighten up the space. Even paint the ceiling.
  • Increase lighting so there’s no “haunted house” ambiance. Natural light with added LED and overhead lighting will make a world of difference in how the space feels.
  • Create a safe and easy-care environment with new garage flooring, like one of Tailored Living’s industrial-strength PremierOne garage floor coatings or PremierTrax garage floor tiles.

Once the garage is cleaned up and it’s not so scary, you’ll be amazed at the possibilities for converting it into beautiful, functional living space!

Assess your needs

Chances are that parking the car will be a major need for your garage, for ease of loading and unloading passengers and groceries with secure access to the house. But that still leaves room for creative functionality in most garages. Start by defining any lack in your home space that could translate to the garage. For example:

  • Do you need but not have a pantry?
  • Could you use more closet storage space?
  • How about a home gym or a crafts and hobby space?
  • Would a media room or play area for the kids keep them quietly tucked away?
  • Maybe a relaxing reading nook for yourself, a She Shed of sorts, within the garage?
  • If your washer and dryer are in the garage, consider creating a full-service laundry room around them to streamline laundry day.

Custom garage organization ideas

Tailored Living’s designers are the experts when it comes to home and garage organization ideas and ultimate use of space, especially capitalizing on vertical space with floor-to-ceiling garage storage cabinets. Custom cabinets can fit around doorways, windows, sloped ceilings, water heaters and more to use all available storage space, leaving the floor clear for other pursuits. Garage accessories like wall hanging storage systems and overhead storage racks offer additional options for maximizing space.

Colorful PremierTrax garage floor tiles in an open-weave design create a resilient surface ideal for a child’s play area or for setting up exercise equipment like a treadmill or trampoline. Cabinets can provide storage for kids’ toys as well as space for yoga mats, hand and ankle weights, resistance bands and such. Add touches of music, aromatherapy candles, herbal teas and mineral enhanced water for a true spa experience and you’ll begin to love your garage.

A dedicated laundry area can revolutionize how you manage the family’s laundry, with countertops for sorting and folding and shelves and cabinets to store all essential supplies. Custom closet accessories such as valet rods and racks for hanging can be incorporated into garage cabinet design, with pullout bins and hampers to keep dirty clothes out of sight. In your Girl Garage, laundry will become a more pleasurable experience.



If you’re a crafter and your projects create chaos in the house, set up a crafts/hobby center in the garage. With upper and lower cabinets and an integrated countertop, you’ll have space to work on your hobbies as well as store all your tools and supplies. A Gridwall wall hanging system will keep all your tools within easy reach. Whether for gardening, woodworking, jewelry making or scrapbooking, you’ll have organized space for yourself or other family members who may need hobby space as well.

There’s no need to choose practicality over beauty in your Girl Garage, the range of colors and finishes allow you to create any style you desire.

  • Black and white can create a retro feel
  • Red cabinets infuse energy and passion
  • Neutral colors create a serene setting

Tailored Living offers a variety of laminate finishes, real wood stains, and our newest PremierGarage Metal Cabinet Series, so you’re assured of getting something you like. And, our proprietary 3D D’Vinci design software lets you see your new garage unfold, eliminating any design angst. You’ll see exactly how it will look upon installation.

Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Check out the garage images and see if you don’t agree that a Girl Garage may be just what you need. Transform existing underused space into functional, beautiful space to fit your lifestyle.

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