Get Your Garage and Home Ready for Winter

There’s no denying that winter can complicate things. From increased energy bills to icy sidewalks and wet streets, wintertime demands some preparedness measures to avoid common problems that can plague the coldest months.


  • Shorter days mean less daylight, resulting in dark garages and shadowy walkways
  • Rain and snow make indoor and outdoor surfaces slippery
  • A garage laundry room can become a cold nightmare in winter
  • If you can’t find the ice skates, that party is ruined
  • Chipping away at an ice-covered windshield can make you late to work
  • The firewood you thought you had is not in the garage

Anything sound familiar? Believe it or not, an organized garage can help you and your family live more comfortably and safely through the winter. Custom solutions from Tailored Living® can make your garage more functional for wintertime and the rest of the year as well. Garage storage cabinets, wall-hanging systems and a durable PremierOne® garage floor can transform your garage into functional living space, protect your car and enhance your home. It is around this time of year that I often start thinking I need a heater for my garage too.

Garage storage cabinets eliminate clutter

Garages are famous for clutter, the catch-all for anything that doesn’t fit in the house. Stacks that eat up valuable floor space are popular but not very efficient, and when they topple over (which they will), it isn’t pretty. Custom floor-to-ceiling garage storage cabinets capture vertical space, maximizing storage and providing safe, organized storage for all your needs.

  • Enclosed cabinets with adjustable shelves let you configure your storage for exactly what you have to store, whether heirloom china or sports memorabilia.
  • Upper and lower cabinets and drawers surround worktops and appliances like washers and dryers with instant organization.
  • Optional locking doors and drawers keep toxic chemicals like fertilizers or antifreeze and dangerous tools like saws and drills secure from curious pets and children.
  • Assign specific cabinets to seasonal decorations, gardening tools, auto care supplies, golf bags or exercise equipment so it’s easy to find things when you need them.
  • Create a mudroom in the garage at the connecting door to the house so wet coats, jackets, boots and hats don’t make it inside.

Wall-hanging systems and overhead storage racks

Wall-hanging systems and overhead racks can be incorporated into a complete garage storage system. Along with garage cabinets, they’ll get everything up off the floor and free up space so you can actually park the car/s in the garage. Also, they can be especially useful in a small garage where cabinets might not fit. Innovative overhead and wall storage can make any garage more efficient.

Overhead storage is probably the most over-looked option for garage organization. Overhead storage racks are the perfect solution for seldom-used and large items.

  • Camping equipment--tents, cots, sleeping bags, portable lights, chairs and tables
  • Sports equipment--sleds, skis, surfboards, nets and balls
  • Holiday decorations—boxed items and big yard decorations like inflatable snowmen

Slatwall panels create wall-hanging storage that can be customized with specialty hooks, baskets and shelves to organize large and small items.

  • Slatwall can be customized to fit over a workbench to keep tools handy, or tailored to fit around windows, a water heater or into a tight corner to provide usable storage.
  • Group related items, such as all the soccer gear together or everything for the family gardener in one spot.
  • Specialty hooks can accommodate even large items like bikes, golf bags and skis safely and conveniently.

The definitive garage floor

PremierOne industry-tough garage floors will not only make your garage a more beautiful place to be, they are low maintenance and the best protection your garage floor can have.

PremierOne epoxy floor coatings come in five styles and a variety of colors to suit any taste.

  • PremierOne floors are guaranteed not to chip, peel or fade
  • Stain and moisture resistant, they reduce allergens and inhibit mold
  • Choose from Decorative Texture, Solids, Stone, Elements or Stratus styles

PremierTrax flexible floor tiles can usually install in one day with no curing time needed so your garage is back in service quickly.

  • Available in 15 colors to mix and match patterns or create unique designs or logos
  • Flow-through construction means spills disappear to be hosed away
  • Impervious to extreme hot or cold, PremierTrax will not crack, chip or peel

An organized garage is just the beginning

Making your garage more serviceable and user-friendly is just one way to better survive winter. Being pro-active now will prevent future problems as temperatures drop and inclement weather takes its toll on your home. Here are some general helpful tips to prepare your home for winter.

Tips to thwart the cold:

  • Double check weather stripping on all doors and windows and replace any that is faulty.
  • Clean out chimneys to make sure they are clear of creosote buildup or old nests.
  • Service your home’s heating/air unit so it’s in good working order with a clean filter. Make sure you have enough Home heating oil to stop you running out in the middle of winter.
  • Install an insulated garage door and add insulation to your garage walls.
  • Keep a few days’ supply of fireplace logs in the garage so you don’t have to traipse out to the big woodpile during a winter storm.
  • Wrap exposed water pipes to prevent freezing–such as to the washer or utility sink—with polyethylene insulation tubes, PVC pipe wrap, automatic heat tape or newspaper, wrapped 1/4” thick and secured with duct tape.
  • Swap out light-weight curtains for heavier, lined drapery to keep the cold out and the warm in.

Safety tips for your family:

  • Place rugs or mats at the connecting door to the house to eliminate tracking in dirt, snow, mud and de-icing chemicals. With steps, use a runner or texturize the surface to prevent falls.
  • Screen over any entry points to keep unwanted furry guests out of your garage, attic and house.
  • Clear and repair rain gutters to avoid over-flow or freezing; clear out debris and make sure gutters are water-tight.
  • Increase the lighting in the garage so there are no dark corners around work benches, the laundry area or in cabinets. Add extra lights to walkways.
  • Have salt, ashes, kitty litter, sawdust or sand readily available for de-icing the driveway and walkways; store in air-tight containers close to the garage door for ease of use.
  • Safety check the garage door opener, oil moving parts, check hinges and supply fresh batteries in all remotes or keypads.
  • Automatic garage doors will not work during a power outage, so be sure everyone knows how to release the catch to manually raise the door so you can get the car out.
  • Have an emergency kit in every vehicle with food, water, and extra blankets in case of being stranded.
  • Check out Improving Garage Safety: A Guide for Homeowners at

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