Happiness Is A Dream Garage Floor For A World War II Veteran

Dreams can take many forms, and while a new, custom garage floor may not be everyone’s dream, it was for 90-something John Dean in Thornton, Colorado. He started dreaming when he saw the PremierOne® epoxy garage floor of his neighbor and started saving for his own floor. David Alvarado, franchise owner of Tailored Living of Boulder, learned of John’s interest and made sure that he got his dream garage floor with a few extras thrown in!

Custom Garage Floor for VeteranIt’s always a great day for fulfilling the dream of a custom garage floor

Every life is a story

Still vibrant in his 90s, David was impressed with John’s zest for life. “He loved hanging out and watching us work, talking, and sharing briefly about some of his time in the Army. He still hops in his Subaru and cruises to McDonalds every day for coffee, and I think he tries to play a few holes of golf every now and then. We cranked a little Johnny Cash for him this morning after he said he listened to country.”

David was referred to John by the neighbors who had the garage floor that so inspired him. David moved some jobs around in order to have the new floor completed for John prior to all the July 4th festivities. He added some block painting on the walls in Battleship Gray to coordinate with the Graphite-colored epoxy floor coating, along with baseboard and a chair rail to really dress up the garage. Payment for the extras got a smile from John when David suggested that they share some R & R and a cold Budweiser on the porch to cover it. David gave John his special WWII-Vet-Half-Off Deal for the custom garage floor and David’s product vendor donated a moisture-proofing basecoat and a tough topcoat for this very special Veteran. Slip-resistant Terra Grip was added to the final sealer to make the garage floor safer for John in all kinds of weather. A fun-filled and memorable adventure and, according to David, “It took some extra time and cost but was worth every minute and every penny!

Garage Floor Install John watches the progress of his new garage floor, hanging out with David and his Tailored Living team while they worked

Your dream garage is just a call away

Tailored Living® has a custom garage flooring solution for every dream and every situation, so whatever your dream garage may be, we’ve got you covered … beautifully!

PremierOne epoxy floor coatings come in five distinctive styles and multiple colors, the toughest hybrid polymer garage floor coatings available. Not only visually impressive, they outperform anything available in DIY kits or big-box home improvement stores. The non-porous coating cures to twice as hard as traditional epoxies, making your new garage floor resistant to gasoline, auto fluids, paint thinner, pesticides and other household chemicals that can destroy inferior epoxy finishes. The surface wipes clean of spills, leaving the floor clean and intact; there’s never any peeling, discoloration or cloudy finish.

Garage Floor Color Choices Five distinct styles and multiple color choices ensure you’ll get exactly the garage floor you want

From vibrant solid colors to custom color chip blends and artisan-look metallic finishes, there’s something to please every taste and style:

  • PremierOne Decorative Textures®:  18 standard color blends are available in large chips (1/4”) and micro-chip (1/8”) designs come in six standard colors or you can custom blend chip colors for a totally unique, lightly textured floor.
  • PremierOne Solids®:  seamless, solid-color epoxy floor coating in six neutral colors from light Dove to deep Shadow that can work with any home color scheme.
  • PremierOne Stone®:  creates the illusion of a high-end granite floor, adding true elegance to your garage. The 1/4” chips produce a textured, natural stone appearance in six premium colors.
  • PremierOne Elements®:  the crystalline shine of genuine shaved rock fragments containing mica gives an organic metallic luster to the floor. Available in six standard metallic colors, this floor gives a natural stone texture with brilliant sheen and deep, intense color.
  • PremierOne Stratus®:  one-of-a-kind floor design results from swirling together a blend of natural mica particles and pearlescent pigments at installation. Available in seven rich colors, the look of molten metal gives three-dimensional depth to the abstract patterns.

PremierTrax® interlocking garage floor tiles

If you’re in a hurry to transform your garage floor, PremierTrax garage floor tiles require no adhesives or curing time so, generally, your garage can be back in service the same day. The unique open-weave design gives a slip-resistant surface that makes it easy to keep the floor clean since spills pass right through and can be hosed away. Tiles are available in 18 trendy colors from neutral shades to bright primary colors for unlimited design potential to create your dream garage floor.

PremierTrax Garage Floor PremierTrax tiles let you mix and match colors to create any design you desire

  • Practically indestructible, these tiles create a strong and permanent bond that can easily handle cars, trucks, motorcycles, or exercise equipment.
  • A PremierTrax floor is impervious to hot or cold, wet or dry, stains, cracking, fading and peeling.
  • Define parking stalls or other-use spaces such as a laundry room, play area for the kids, or a home gym.
  • An eight-percent rubber content makes these flexible tiles ergonomically friendly for knees and backs, so you can spend more time in the garage working or playing.

A new garage floor is only the beginning

Once you’ve realized your dream garage floor, it’s an easy leap to custom garage storage cabinets and accessories like Slatwall panels and overhead storage racks for a totally organized garage. You’ll be amazed at how much space you have in your garage when storage is maximized and floor space is uncluttered, functional, and beautiful. Dare to dream and see what happens!

Organizational Garage DesignChange your life with a total garage design that organizes everything and expands your functional living space

With Tailored Living, you're assured of getting the right floor for your specific needs, budget, and style. All our floor coatings and floor tiles offer industry-tough endurance and exceptional style so you can give your garage floor all the flair you want without sacrificing quality. It’s probably the last garage floor you’ll ever need! Call 866-712-3404 today or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find a designer near you and schedule a free, in-home or virtual* consultation and let us help to make your dreams come true. Face to face or in a virtual consultation we can evaluate your needs, get accurate measurements, share samples and colors, and design what you need with our 3D design software so you can see how everything will look. When the time is right for you, we’ll schedule installation, strictly adhering to social distancing and sanitation recommendations to keep your family safe.

*Virtual consultations are not available at all locations.