How to Get a New Garage Floor in less than 36 Hours

When it comes to remodeling your garage, you may find yourself in a desperate search for temporary storage space for cars, greasy tools and dirty equipment. No one wants to store these items in their home or outside for very long. These necessary but undesirable temporary storage arrangements highlight, time and time again, an evident need for haste and efficiency to come together in your garage remodeling plans.

Timely remodeling solutions are especially necessary when refinishing your garage floor, the surface that supports your car, work bench, outdoor appliances and much more. The faster you can get your garage floor remodeled, the faster you can get back to your daily activities unhindered by boxes of holiday decorations cluttering your family room. But while you want your garage floor refinishing to be quick, you should also invest in a quality, long-lasting floor coating that will keep your garage looking sharp in the long run. That’s where PremierNX™ garage floor coating comes in.

Out of all floor coating options available to customers today, PremierNX™ garage flooring is known for combining easy installation with easy maintenance to produce an attractive garage floor. However traditional epoxy and floor coating products can take several days to cure after application, leaving you with a whole garage worth of stuff without a home! Tailored Living’s hybrid-polymer based floor coating by Sika, though, cures in less than 36 hours, so you’ll be able to move back into your garage in less than two days! Plus the Tailored Living’s specialists will come to your home and apply the epoxy coating expertly, so you can direct your attention to other tasks, further cutting down on the time your garage remodel will take. Now that is time well spent.

But the true benefits of investing in Tailored Living’s garage flooring come from its long-term resilience and beauty. Tailored Living’s epoxy floor coating cures twice as hard as traditional epoxy coatings, so it has higher impact resistance. And thanks to its UV protection, your garage floor will sparkle and gleam for many years to come. It’s guaranteed to stand the test of time, vehicles, dropped tools, heavy appliances and much more!

Give the garage flooring specialists at Tailored Living a call today and get started refinishing your garage with high quality PremierNX™ garage floor coating! The time for your new garage floor is now!