Incredible Garage Storage Ideas for a Complete Garage Makeover

Whether your toys are your sports equipment, your tools, your bikes, or your cars, they’re all stored in the garage most likely. Many of the things that keep us happiest live in this space, yet we seem to never fail to let that space fill with clutter.<

These home improvement solutions we offer are meant to help with that common problem––but contact your local Tailored Living Organization Specialist to put these plans into action. Soon you’ll have transformed your garage into a functional storage space that also invites you to play.

Garage Cabinetry
Available in traditional, powder-coated, and stainless steel finishes, custom cabinets by Tailored Living are designed and installed with your family’s needs and expectations in mind. Perfect for storing seasonal clothing or equipment that you like to keep dust-free, or cleaning products and tools that you need to keep accessible, garage cabinets come in the perfect colors and sizes for your home.

Gridwall Racks
Gridwall racks are our most versatile garage storage solution, as it’s easily modified to meet every single seasonal need. With the proper gridwall accessories on hand, you can store your bikes, gardening tools, soccer balls, and even a ladder. View our garage photo gallery to see this highly functional and surprisingly durable accessory in its many forms.

Overhead Storage
Overhead storage is where you keep things like holiday decorations or snow equipment during the summertime. Secured to the ceiling of your garage, this handy storage solution keeps off-season items out of your way when you don’t need them so that you regain valuable floor and wall space.

Garage Shelving
Tried and time tested since the birth of the garage, shelves are the most traditional home improvement solution. Ask your local Organization Specialist about differences in material, durability, and shelf height, and let them take the guesswork out of selection by measuring your garage on the day of your consultation.

The most popular garage storage solutions are listed above, but contact your local Organization Specialist for a free consultation that addresses your unique questions and home improvement needs.