Industry-Tough Custom Storage and Flooring Solutions for Your Commercial Business

One of the hot topics with commercial businesses is data storage and how to best manage, store and retrieve all your important documents, emails, audio files, graphics, and more. Options include flash memory thumb drives, external hard drives, online storage and “the Cloud.” That helps with all the “invisible” storage, but what about your company’s everyday here-and-now physical storage and space needs?

  • Are some employees rubbing elbows and rubbing each other the wrong way?
  • How many unofficial “storage rooms” hold stuff instead of being productive work space?
  • Has your business grown and your square footage seemingly shrunk?
  • Do you get a general feeling of disorganization and discord as you look around your offices?

Maybe it’s time to consider evaluating your business in terms of efficiency, including use of space, employees’ time, work flow and upkeep. Tailored Living® is a well-known leader in custom storage and closet organization systems, home office design, laundry rooms, pantries, entryways and garages, but their professional designers are also experts at maximizing commercial spaces and doing more with your existing resources. This includes storage solutions, office design and setup, break rooms, warehouse space and industry-tough flooring to beautify, simplify maintenance and improve efficiency.

Comfort and efficiency go hand in hand

Comfort on the job doesn’t mean that your employees fall asleep at their desks. Comfort involves environment, including temperature, ergonomics and each person having adequate work space to do their job efficiently. Tailored Living can help you design a big corner office, individual offices and shared work stations that will provide a comfortable work space for everyone, effectively optimizing workflow. Integrating custom storage elements like shelves, drawers and cabinets with desk tops allow for unlimited design potential in myriad styles, colors and finishes, for every taste and every task.

  • Enclosed cabinets hide clutter so work surfaces stay clear
  • Overhead cabinets and shelves capture vertical space; each person will have adequate storage
  • Drawers at each work station provide a place for files, personal items and work supplies
  • Choose from laminates in dozens of colors and finishes, wood veneers and powder-coated styles to complement any décor
  • Optional locking drawers and cabinets protect sensitive files and information
  • Work areas look more professional with coordinated furnishings

Office size doesn’t matter

Tailored Living designers can help with everything from one-person offices to office complexes, schools, cafeterias, hospitals, medical and dental offices, warehouses, restaurants and more. The same principles of design apply whether the project is big or small. For example, an industrial kitchen may require more cabinets than an office breakroom, but it’s just as important for each to have custom cabinets and storage that meets the needs of the individual business.

  • Cabinets can be built around refrigerators, sinks, microwaves, stove tops, etc.
  • A combination of drawers and cabinets will accommodate small things like silverware, as well as bulk purchases like paper products, coffee, sodas and water
  • Low-level storage keeps daily use items easy to reach, with extra stock stored up high
  • Space for everything makes it easy to keep kitchen and storage areas clean

Additionally, warehouse storage can be a combination of commercial-grade cabinets and open shelves built to handle even heavy tools and equipment. Make every wall count with functional floor-to-ceiling storage to capture every inch of space. No more piles in front of stacks--inventory can be organized, shelved, labeled and easily accessible.

File rooms, too, can benefit from custom storage solutions to provide easy-to-reach everyday storage as well as archival storage for seldom accessed materials. You’d be surprised how much more can be managed with customized vertical storage, you may be able to consolidate two disorganized file rooms into one, freeing up an entire office.

Industrial-strength floors for every business

Tailored Living knows the importance of flooring for both functionality and beautification of the workplace. Whether you have a retail establishment with hundreds of people on your floors every day, or an office building with lesser foot traffic, you’ll still want an attractive, durable floor that enhances your business. Tailored Living offers two types of flooring that exceed industry standards for business, adding value, beauty and utility to your location: PremierOne non-porous epoxy floor coatings and PremierTrax interlocking floor tiles. Even flooring for industrial warehouse applications that have a lot of foot traffic and accidental spillages of contaminants etc, look into IAW Logistics for more warehouse storage solutions also.

PremierOne floor coatings are the toughest hybrid polymer floor coatings available. You can choose from five gorgeous styles.

  • Decorative Chip: Colored vinyl chips create a custom-colored floor with a slightly textured smooth, glossy finish.
  • Solids: An uninterrupted expanse of color, in six neutral shades that coordinate with all our cabinet finishes.
  • Stone: The high-end look of real granite in six natural color chip combinations.
  • Elements: Add the “wow” factor of shaved rock chips with the brilliance of mica for a gorgeous floor that will never lose its shine.
  • Stratus: A one-of-a-kind floor created with two or more colors of marbleized epoxy floor coating, creating an opulent, artisan finish.

PremierTrax interlocking, flexible floor tiles create a unique floor, with a flow-through, open-weave design that makes cleanup a breeze. Popular for creating personalized, colorful designs, you can choose from 18 tile colors, calming neutrals to energizing brights, like this spa floor that creates a safe, non-slip surface for the sauna, inside and out.

Don't wait until you desperately need more storage before deciding to act. Planning ahead with Tailored Living for customized solutions for your business will ensure you maximize your space to accommodate future needs for storage and work spaces. Call 866-712-3404 to schedule a FREE, on-site consultation. Our custom office cabinets, ergonomic work stations, commercial storage cabinets and durable flooring solutions can transform any business, large or small, into a more comfortable and productive environment.

We can also help with any home and garage storage needs, including custom closets, entryways, home offices, entertainment centers, laundry rooms, pantries and more. View our online galleries and get inspired!