Make Every Day Father’s Day With the Ultimate Custom Garage

It’s almost Father’s Day so it’s time to come up with a plan that will make dad feel appreciated and loved. Gifts, cards and special treats are the order of the day. Start with the breakfast of champions, whether it’s a tall stack of pancakes and industrial-strength coffee or a high-protein smoothie for a power boost.

Then, let him fill the rest of the day with his favorite things:

  • Sporting events, attending or watching
  • Hiking, biking, rock climbing, basketball, golf
  • Barbequing ribs, chicken, burgers and dogs
  • Music concert or car show
  • Action movies all-day marathon
  • Pumping iron at the gym
  • Pampered at a day spa
  • Napping

One day a year just isn’t enough to let your dad know how important he is. Event tickets and electronic toys are great, but how about giving him something that will remind him of how much he means every day of the year? A custom garage design from Tailored Living® will put a smile on his face that never goes away!

Anatomy of the perfect garage

The perfect garage will be different for every dad. Some dads are car guys, some like woodworking and tools, others play sports or coach for the kids’ teams. Whatever you dad’s passion, a custom garage design can transform the family garage into his own personal kingdom.

The Car Guy

Dads who love cars, motorcycles and trucks like to park them indoors. Garage storage cabinets and a PremierOne® epoxy floor coating turn any garage into a showplace suitable for collectable cars and motorcycles. The space stays clean and the cabinets eliminate clutter so that his vehicles are the key feature in the garage. Supplies and tools for working on and shining up his “toys” are easily accessible when he has time to spend on his hobby, rain or shine. And there’s plenty of cabinet space for other household storage as well, without cramping his style.



The craftsman

For the handyman or craftsman who likes working with his hands, custom storage cabinets, countertops and drawers organize tools and supplies for whatever he likes to do. Refinishing furniture, tying fishing lures, or household repairs are easier with Slatwall panels above the work countertops that keep tools within arm’s reach for quick and easy use. Upper cabinets can safely keep paints, glue, varnish and other items out of reach of kids who may share this work space. Optional locks for cabinets and drawers add extra security where needed and LED lighting under the cabinets will conveniently light up the work space.


The sports enthusiast

For the sportsman, keeping sports equipment organized and safely stored is important, and if he plays several different sports, the space required can be considerable. Wall hanging systems like Slatwall panels with attachable accessories can handle large and small items for any sport. Specialty hooks can handle bikes, golf bags, skis, skateboards and more. A combination of garage storage cabinets and wall hanging systems can eliminate any floor clutter, keeping balls, bats, mitts, hats and nets stored safely away so they’re available whenever it’s game time.

The chill zone

For some dads, a Man Cave is the ultimate garage. Space to hang out with friends, indulge in marathon sports watching, listen to his favorite music, and kick back and relax. Custom garage cabinets provide needed general storage to free up the garage for his Man Cave comforts: big screen TV, couch, recliners, fridge, snack and game tables and more. He might even install a home gym that the whole family can enjoy.

Garage design extraordinaire

Any garage can benefit from a custom design to meet the needs of the users. Father’s Day is a great reason to stop putting off taming the garage and, at the same time, giving dad the best gift ever! He’ll love being able to transform the garage into exactly what he wants.

A custom garage floor is the perfect foundation for any garage design. It transforms dull, gray concrete into an easy-care, highly-functional space that can withstand whatever dad can dish out. Tailored Living has two distinct styles, PremierOne® epoxy floor coatings in five unique finishes and PremierTrax interlocking, flexible tiles that create a seamless, durable floor.

  • PremierOne’s industrial-grade hybrid polymer blend epoxy floor coatings go on twice as thick as other floor coatings and create a permanent chemical bond with the concrete. The finish is resistant to spills, including gasoline, acetone, brake and transmission fluid, and other common garage products. Practically unlimited color options are available with Solids®, Decorative Chip®, Elements®, Stratus® and Stone® designs.
  • PremierTrax tiles come in 18 colors so you can coordinate with the garage cabinets, match your car’s color or recreate a team logo in the floor. The flow-through design creates a non-slip surface that spills pass right through to be hosed away. Tiles resist stains, cracking or peeling and can withstand any weather—hot, cold, wet or dry—without showing wear.

Garage cabinets will de-clutter and organize everything in the garage, freeing up floor space so dad can move in with ease. He’ll be able to release his inner child in space just for him!

Make this Father’s Day extra special with the gift that keeps on giving, a custom garage design. You don’t have to do it yourself, a Tailored Living gift certificate will set him up with your local Tailored Living designer who will work directly with him to assure he gets everything he wants. From style to color to work space and storage solutions, your dad will end up with the perfect garage for him.  Call 866-712-3404 today or do a ZIP code search if your dad is not local and you can purchase a gift certificate from the Tailored Living design specialist where he lives. Every time he walks into the garage he’ll think, “Wow, what a Father’s Day!”