Organize Your Entryway, Mudroom and Garage for Fall and Winter

By now summer is a distant memory, replaced with back-to-school activities and looking forward to the beauty and welcomed cooler temperatures of fall and winter. But if you’re still stumbling over flip-flops inside the front door or water toys cluttering up the garage, you may doubt that summer has ended. Summer may be gone, but have you actually put it away?

Now is the perfect time to clean up your mudroom, entryway and garage, storing away the last vestiges of summer and freeing up space for fall. Custom storage and organization solutions from Tailored Living® will help you go effortlessly from season to season, completely organized, with a place for everything.

If you need more storage space, look up

For everyday life, it’s most beneficial to have storage where you can easily reach it. In an entryway, for example, hooks, cubbies and floor-level cabinets accommodate all family members, tall adults and little ones. Having high storage options allows for swapping out seasonal items, keeping off-season items out of reach but safely stored.  This floor-to-ceiling design with open, adjustable shelves can store summer’s hats, beach bags, sandals, Frisbees, and more, so the “arms’ reach” storage is available for fall’s jackets, umbrellas and back to school necessities that you need now.


An integrated mudroom fits right into a floor-to-ceiling system of enclosed garage storage cabinets that utilize all vertical wall space to hide garage clutter, with plenty of room to store summer’s pool toys, games, sporting equipment and even the patio cushions for safekeeping until next year. With the entry door to the house close-by, there’s convenient space for hanging jackets, hats, scarves and backpacks as well as a shelf bench for wet shoes or boots so no mess gets tracked into the house.

Overhead storage racks can revolutionize garage storage by capturing overlooked vertical space. Durable, all-steel construction ensures complete safety for storing out-of-season or large and bulky items you don’t access on a regular basis. Camping gear, fishing poles, boogie boards and outdoor games can be stored in overhead racks, keeping summer out of the way during the cold months. By using overhead space for storage, floor space is open for other uses.

In a small garage, using overhead space for storage will eliminate the need for shelving or storage cabinets lining the walls. Household storage can be up and out of the way so you have functional space for laundry facilities, a workbench or parking the car.

Specialty racks like this bike hoist can also take advantage of ceiling space for storing off-season equipment. If you are feeling the squeeze for more storage space, maybe you just need to look up. Unused ceiling space can also accommodate kayaks, canoes, skis, surfboards and sleds, all which can take up an inordinate amount of floor space in a garage as well as becoming a tripping hazard.

Adjustable wall rack storage systems

Another option for enhancing storage for an entryway, mudroom or garage is with a wall organizer system such as Slatwall panels. Available in a range of colors, Slatwall can be customized to fit any space, from an entire wall to awkward corners so you can maximize hanging storage with attachable shelves, baskets and specialty hooks. Not as formal as furniture-style wood cabinets that dress up a front door entryway, Slatwall is ideal in a garage or mudroom where utility overrides the need for style. Slatwall components can handle large and small items, organizing everything.

Refresh your spaces when the seasons change

Entrances at front doors, through mudrooms or attached garages can accumulate a lot of stuff and doing a refresh with each season will keep clutter under control and make coming home a more pleasant experience.

  • Out-of-place things can be returned to where they belong
  • Outgrown jackets, shoes and boots can be discarded or donated rather than put back into a closet
  • Worn-out backpacks and totes can be replaced
  • Cabinets, drawers and cubbies can be wiped clean once emptied
  • Upgrade for any new needs, like more hooks or shoe racks
  • Add some seasonal charm with favorite decorations and colorful rugs

Tailored Living is available to help you make all your living spaces more enjoyable and convenient for you and your family. Whole home custom storage and organization solutions can transform how you live in your home, finding “new” space in closets, laundry rooms, pantries, home offices, garages and more.

Before the hustle and bustle of the holidays descends upon you, call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation. By organizing now, you’ll have a more stress-free holiday season, with time to enjoy family and friends. From now to year end at Tailored Living it’s The Season to Celebrate so be sure to ask about a free upgrade as our gift to you.