Step Into Spring with an Organized Garage

With spring in the air, thoughts turn to renewal, refreshing and reorganizing. Time to relinquish the constraints of winter and open the windows to let warmth and sunshine in! Bring back the bright colored throw pillows, swap out those cozy flannel sheets for cool, crisp bed linens. Stock the pantry with your family’s favorite outdoor drinks and treats. Open up the garage and…

Whoa! Are your Spidey senses tingling? Not because you have to run out and save the world, but because you KNOW spiders are lurking in those garage sheds after a long winter’s nap! During the cold of winter, it was easy to “drop and run” when putting things in the garage and now sorting it all out will be quite the daunting task.

How about doing something this spring that will ensure you never have to venture into such a scary place again?

A garage for all seasons

Garages do get a bad rap. They are probably the biggest room in your home, yet they generally receive less attention to space planning and organization than any other. Yes, they house vehicles that take up a lot of floor space, but have you considered the walls and all that lovely potential storage space? A Tailored Living® designer can help you bring your garage under control so that you’ll have an organized space that caters to the needs of your family no matter the season. You truly can have storage and cars in the same garage, and do it beautifully.

Garage storage cabinets, you first line of defense against chaos

Garage storage cabinets use all available space by going up. Capturing unused vertical space with floor-to-ceiling cabinets will get everything up off the floor and behind closed doors so clutter is no longer an issue. Design options are limitless. With adjustable shelves, you can configure your cabinets to accommodate whatever you need to store.

In this example, having accessible storage right by the connecting door makes it easy for all family members to maintain their own day-to-day stuff, whether it be sporting equipment, school bags or a place to shed their shoes before entering the house.

The “half cabinets” that snuggle up to the car and capture otherwise overlooked storage space are ideal for seldom-used items and seasonal storage like holiday decorations and pool or beach accessories. You can even place larger items or bins on top for additional storage.

Customized work or hobby areas to make life more fun

Combining garage cabinets with countertops creates specialty work areas for projects and hobbies. Cabinets and wall organization systems like Gridwall® racks (pictured) keep all your tools and necessities at hand whether it’s for a handyman station, a garden center, pet grooming, laundry central or a crafts and wrapping area. You can customize with baskets, hooks and shelves depending on what you need to store.

A custom-designed laundry center in the garage may just make your day! Pull-out hampers in lower cabinets keep dirty clothes out of sight until time to wash. Overhead cabinets store soap, bleach, stain removers, dryer sheets, lingerie bags and everything else you could need for laundry day close at hand. The extended countertop provides plenty of room for sorting and folding laundry. Enclosed cabinets discourage dust, dirt and uninvited guests so the area is easy to maintain and keep clean. Adding a standing clothes rack or retractable valet rods can provide hanging space, almost like an extra helping hand.

Wall storage systems and open storage options capture valuable space

Tailored Living guarantees to maximize your garage storage space, making room for your cars as well as what you need to store. Utilizing garage cabinets, overhead storage racks and wall-hung storage systems allows storage around doorways, windows, water heaters, electrical panels, in funky corners and under sloped ceilings. These specialty storage systems conform to the space you have available.

Wherever cabinets are inconvenient, wall-hung storage systems can accommodate small to large items with specialty hooks. Our Gridwall and Slatwall® systems keep clutter off the floor and organize tools, sports equipment, garden implements and more. You can organize by category and have everything stored in plain sight. No more losing rackets, balls or bike accessories when it’s time to play, or misplacing necessary tools when it’s time to work.

Here the Slatwall system covers the wall, but in the laundry image above, it’s used over the countertop in a small area. Easily customizable to fit any space, you can install wall storage anywhere. Tall items like rakes, shovels and skis can neatly tuck into spaces that are too narrow to accommodate cabinets.

The ultimate garage, floor to ceiling

As the final, perfecting touch, new garage flooring will truly give you the ultimate garage. A finished floor will keep your garage cleaner and, with your fabulous storage cabinets, create a fully-functional, wonder-to-behold garage showplace. PremierOne® floor coatings provide a high-gloss, industrial-tough hybrid polymer finish in a wide range of colors and styles, from solids to elegant decorative chip combinations. Designed to withstand high traffic and heavy use, your PremierOne floor will stay beautiful for years to come.

PremierTrax flexible tiles create a resilient floor that can be matched to your cabinets, your car’s color, your favorite sports team’s logo, or you can create your own design. With 15 standard tile color choices we’ve got you covered, or you can custom order additional colors. Easy to maintain and tough enough to park an airplane on, this will be the last garage floor you’ll ever install.

In case you didn’t notice in all these images, with planned storage and no piles of clutter in a garage, there’s very little opportunity for spiders or other unwelcomed creatures to move in. From the finished floor to the tallest cabinets, cleaning is easy. You’ll be able to take command of your space, all year round, come rain or shine.

If spring cleaning at your house includes the dreaded garage, a Tailored Living designer can help you create a garage you’ll love. Don’t wait, call today. Call 866-712-3404.

We can also help with closet storage systems, home offices, pantries, Murphy Beds, entertainment centers, entryway design and more. Tailored Living designers are experts at providing highest quality storage solutions with exquisite design that’s built to last.