Strut Your Stuff with a One-of-a-kind Garage Floor Logo

Most people like to be unique or to stand out in some way. We shop for current fashion but still want to project “our own” style in what we wear. We like our cars to make a statement about who we are, and designer purses always get attention. Installing a custom garage floor with a logo or individualized pattern is great way to make a statement right at home. You and your garage will get lots of attention when the garage door is open and your great passion is on display.

Customize your custom epoxy floor

PremierOne® epoxy floor coatings from Tailored Living® provide beautiful, durable custom garage floors in five stunning styles. Each style has standard color choices, but you also have the option of custom mixing colors for a unique blend, so the possibilities are practically limitless. That alone insures you can have a unique floor, but adding logos and images takes your floor to the next level--a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

Show your team spirit

This Decorative Texture epoxy floor is customized with the Buffalo Sabres National Hockey League classic logo. There’s no doubt that hockey is important in this home and watching the game in a garage Man Cave surrounded by Sabres’ memorabilia is about as good as it gets!

Brag about your alma mater


Ohio State University is highlighted in this garage with a logo positioned to be seen every time you enter or leave the garage. The Elements epoxy floor is enhanced with the colorful logo that coordinates with the custom-blended color chips in the floor. You can almost hear the cheer, “We are the champions!”

Display your design sense

Create a unique pattern using color, as in this checkboard PremierOne Stone floor. The beauty of the granite-look floor is intensified by the contrast between the two colors. You can also use colors for striping, edging, defining space for different uses, or even embed an indoor basketball court.


Promote your business

If you own your own business, have a showroom, or your garage serves as a business space, you can incorporate a company logo into your PremierOne custom floor. Here the Stratus floor is enhanced with the company logo, reflecting pride in your space and your business.


Get creative with PremierTrax garage floor tiles

Another flooring option is PremierTrax interlocking, flexible open-weave tiles that beautify and protect your garage with a seamless, durable floor that is industry-tough. The open-profile surface and unique flow-through design make it the ideal floor for a busy garage. PremierTrax also lets you get creative, with 18 colors you can mix and match for any pattern or style you desire.

Be true to your school

Pennsylvania State University is immortalized in this PremierTrax garage floor in a big way! Team colors rule and create an ideal space to spend time or safely park the family vehicles without damaging your school spirit. Relive your college glory days whenever you go into the garage.

Tee time is every day

This garage is a golfer’s dream, celebrating the game and the Master’s Tournament in vivid, living color. With the logo on the wall and the floor tiles picking up the colors, it’s the ideal place to talk shop and maybe even practice your swing with an indoor golf simulator that lets you “play” on real-life courses.

Go bold and beautiful

Never a dull moment here! This checkerboard pattern clearly marks two parking stalls so there’s no fighting for space. The red border elevates this design to eye-popping so it’s not your everyday checkerboard. You can also color code specific areas, such as a workbench for home repairs or a full-service laundry area.

The toughest garage floors you can have

No matter how expressive you want to be, both types of Tailored Living garage floors offer the best in durability and functionality. Give your garage floor all the flair you want without sacrificing quality. Our floors have features and benefits you can count on year after year.

  • Resists chipping, peeling, fading or stains
  • Withstands heat, cold and wet or dry weather conditions
  • Impervious to chemicals commonly found in garages, like gasoline, auto fluids and paint thinner
  • Cleans up easily; nothing sticks to the surfaces so spills are no problem
  • Keeps your garage cleaner, no tracking dirt into the house
  • Installed by trained professionals
  • Probably the last garage floor you’ll ever need to buy

Make a bold statement about who you are with an extra special custom garage floor design you truly love. A new floor could be the catalyst to transform the garage to extended living space with garage storage cabinets to control clutter, provide storage and organization, and free up floor space for other activities. Call 866-712-3404 today and schedule a free, in-home consultation. Also ask about how we can help with closet storage systems, laundry room organization, pantry storage, home office design and more.