Turn Your Garage into Party Central for Labor Day Entertaining

Labor Day is often considered the last hurrah of summer before school starts, vacations end, and the work-a-day world takes over. The first Monday of September is set aside as Labor Day, a day to celebrate all working people and the contributions they make to our country's strength and way of life.

Since 1887, when Labor Day was established as an official holiday in the U.S., the day has been marked with special events, speeches, fireworks, barbecues, and sporting events. Everybody seems to have their favorite way of celebrating:

  • Some people use the three-day weekend to prepare for back to school or to finish up summer projects and home improvements.
  • Others plant themselves on the couch to watch every sport known to man, 24/7, for the whole weekend.
  • With foodies, barbecues and picnics take on epic proportions.
  • For shoppers, it's a tantalizing smorgasbord as sales abound, online and off, for everything from cars to computers.

If you're looking forward to a long weekend of entertaining and fun, but are feeling a bit of a squeeze on space, have you considered your garage? As an extension of your home's living space, it can offer up lots of usable space.

The Purposeful Garage

Tailored Living® featuring PremierGarage® is the nation's #1 home improvement franchise for helping families design custom garage storage and organization systems to create purposeful garages. A purposeful garage can be different for each family, depending on specific needs:

  • Household storage
  • Parking car, cars or motorcycle
  • Family laundry
  • Man Cave or entertainment area, including game tables
  • Workbench for home improvement tasks or auto maintenance
  • Sports equipment storage for bikes, skateboards, skis, baseball, hockey, etc.
  • Home Gym or workout area
  • Hobby and gift wrap center

So what does this have to do with Labor Day festivities?

Plain and simple, if your garage is customized to maximize space for everyday living, your garage can easily be party-ready with just a little creative thinking.

The multi-purpose garage

With custom garage storage cabinets and wall storage systems like Gridwall Racks or Slatwall Panels, everything in the garage will have a place, eliminating clutter and keeping floor space available for other uses. This means you'll have all the space you need (once you back out the parked vehicles) for whatever form your entertaining takes.

And with one of our PremierOne® garage floor styles, your garage will always be clean and safe for any activity. Choose one of five exclusive garage floor coatings for the toughest hybrid polymer garage floor coating available, or our PremierTrax® flexible tiles that give you a beautiful, durable floor that can withstand all the stresses of everyday garage life.

With your garage always ready as purposeful living space, your horizons for entertaining are greatly expanded since indoors, outdoors and the garage will provide ample space for multiple activities at the same time. If you have the extra budget, it might be a great idea to consider new garage flooring to make your garage look fantastic! Furthermore, if you intend on spending a lot of time in your garage, you might also want to get an air conditioning system fitted so that your newfound living space won't get too warm. Consequently, contacting an air conditioning specialist like Universal HVAC could be one of the first steps to completing your garage makeover. So, over the long Labor Day weekend party down in the garage!

  • Host an international foods barbecue/buffet with everyone bringing a favorite dish, and take a culinary trip around the world
  • Put tables in the garage with colorful tablecloths and festive dinnerware for a party atmosphere
  • Set up the game tables for board games and card games, or specialty tables like ping pong and air hockey
  • Stock up on drinks and snacks for the sports enthusiasts and they're good to go for hours on end with a big screen TV and seating comfort
  • Have a crafts day, invite friends to bring their own projects to work on together while sharing summertime treats
  • Set the kids up in the garage with games, movies and eats to let them have their own party
  • Clear the floor and string up some lights for Disco, 50s rock n roll, or Garage Party Cardio Dancing to strengthen your heart and burn off those BBQ calories

A custom garage will not only enhance entertainment possibilities, but it will also make every day a more rewarding experience for your family. With a place for everything and everything in its place, you'll save time hunting for misplaced items, kids can manage their own things better, and everything you do in the garage will be easier.

Now is the perfect time to get your garage in shape for not only Labor Day, but all the holidays that follow. Imagine converting your new purposeful garage into a haunted house at Halloween, or hosting an Octoberfest with grilled sausages, beer cocktails, and a rousing polka. Your local Tailored Living designer can help you maximize your garage for ultimate convenience for your family's lifestyle all year long. Call 866-712-3404 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation.

Now through September 30 you can take advantage of our Summer Savings Event and save on custom storage and organization solutions for the garage and your whole home, including closets, home office, entryway, laundry room, pantry and more. Check out our online Design Solutions Guide and begin to imagine your home in new and exciting ways.