Your Home Office, Your Command Center!

The home office is the control center for much of our lives and they occupy a variety of spaces within our homes from a study off of the kitchen, or a corner office, to a trendy, elegant, traditional, or transitional study room.  Regardless of the amount of space available for your project, a designer from Tailored Living NH can help you create a home office that incorporates some of the latest trends:

Home Office

  1. Hide the wires - create a peaceful space by concealing the chords of multiple electronic devices.
  2. Bring the outdoors in - frame out a window with your cabinetry or choose glass shelving in order to enjoy the natural elements more clearly.
  3. Multipurpose workspaces - accommodate all who work in these spaces whether for paying bills or doing homework.
  4. Designate lounge areas - with a custom bench seat, Murphy Bed, or comfy chairs, we all need comfort to be more productive.
  5. Offices organized by color - cabinet color can be matched, contrasting, or complementary to the room. Color can set the mood and pace for the work to be done.

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